Gas Prices App

Gas isn’t cheap. Duh. But that’s exactly why you shouldn’t pay more than you have to. MapQuest’s free, easy-to-use Gas Prices app makes it easier to find the cheapest gas near you. No more guessing games or station-hopping to snag the best bargain. Our app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android automatically detects your location and shows you the best gas prices nearby.

Key Features

  • Find the cheapest gas price in your area.
  • Prices are frequently updated.
  • Sort gas stations based on lowest price or distance from you.
  • Add stations as Favorites, and check when one has the lowest price in an instant
  • Get prices for many fuel types, including Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, Diesel and E-85.

Make your gas money go farther with the MapQuest Gas Prices app. Download it for free now from the iTunes store or Google Play.

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