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Navigation with Real-Time ETA

Save Time and Enjoy More of Life

Beat the bumper-to-bumper rush with real-time, traffic-influenced routes.

Get there faster by monitoring traffic data on maps and webcams.

Track route progress and traffic flow through the traffic bar.

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Play Favorites and Save Searches

Add Work and Home addresses to get started.

Simply tap the heart to save favorites and access directions instantly.

Select a favorite location and be on your way.

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Alternative Routes

Travel on Your Terms

View and compare routes to find the best option.

Select an alternative route before you leave.

Enjoy the journey of your choosing.

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Multi-Stop Routing

Enjoy the Stops Along the Way

Find new places to explore with multi-stop routing for up to 26 locations.

Optimize your route from Point A to Point B, and all the places in between.

Plan for the unexpected joys of the journey to your destination.

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Customized Layers Bar

Find the Best Pit Stops

Quickly locate points of interest by clicking a category.

Find the essentials and discover new favorites.

Scroll to discover new places outside your immediate area.


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